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"Ein Australisch' Lied" (poem/cartoon by Ludwig Becker, 1860)

Bendigo, VIC.

Bethany, SA.


Burke & Wills and Germans


Clubs today

Contribution to development of Australia in the 19th century (summary)

Dictionary for German-speaking immigrants (1960)

Diplomats (history)

Diplomats/Embassies today

Deserters in Australian ports

The "Dunera" (ship)

First World War

The first emigrant groups to South Australia (Kavel's group)

Friedensberg school, (Springton) SA.

Gold in Victoria

Hahndorf, SA. (pictures of the German legacy)

Captain Hahn's memories of his journey taking emigrants to Adelaide (Zebra)

Info sources for emigrants

Internment (WW1)


J.F. Krummnow and the Herrnhut commune, VIC.

Media - German-language media in Australia

Missions (of Christian missionaries):

Names Image: hand


Lobethal, SA.

Naming children

Place Names

Paechtown, SA.

Pella, VIC.

Primary Sources collection

Prominent people Image: hand

Reasons for emigration

Restaurants today

Settlement in the 19th century by state (overview) Image: hand


Tatura internment camp, VIC. (WW2)

Templer Germans

Traditions, Influences, Leisure Activities

Frederick Vern (Eureka Stockade)

Pe Werner: lyrics of the song "Australien" (in German)

Westgarthtown, VIC.

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