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(German-speakers in Australia / Deutschsprachige in Australien)

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Alexander, Alison (1986)
Glenorchy 1804-1964. Glenorchy City Council, Tasmania.
(re: village of Bismarck)

Bardenhagen, Marita (1986)
Lilydale - A German Legacy. An Examination of Nineteenth Century German Immigration to Northern Tasmania. Self-published B.A. thesis, Tasmanian Institute of Technology.
(re: Germans in the north-east of Tasmania; Marita is happy to assist with questions about the history of Germans in Tasmania - 18 Welman St, Launceston 7250, TAS.)

Beckler, Hermann (1993)
A Journey to Cooper's Creek. (Translated by Stephen Jeffries and Michael Kertesz; edited and with an introduction by Stephen Jeffries.) Melbourne University Press, Carlton.
(Beckler's diary of his participation in the Burke and Wills expedition, with a detailed introduction by the editor.)

Bennett, Robin (1970)
Public Attitudes and Official Policy towards Germans in Queensland in World War 1. Honours Thesis, University of Queensland.

Bittman, Karl (editor) (1988)
Strauss to Matilda: Viennese in Australia 1938-1988. Wenkart Foundation, Sydney.

Bodi, Leslie and Stephen Jeffries (editors) (1985)
The German connection: sesquicentenary essays on German-Victorian crosscurrents, 1835-1985. Department of German, Monash University, Clayton (Victoria).

Bonyhady, Tim (1991)
Burke and Wills: from Melbourne to Myth. David Ell Press, Balmain NSW.

Borrie, Wilfried (1954)
Italians and Germans in Australia / A Study of Assimiliation. F.W. Cheshire, Melbourne.

Boyer, Jenny (1997)
Harkaway Primary School: Origins to 1976. Self-published.
(Includes detailed info about the Germans in the Harkaway and Berwick district [east of Melbourne] and their efforts to start a Lutheran school in the 1850s. The book is available from the author for $20 [including postage within Australia]; mail to => 10 Olive Ave, Harkaway VIC 3806)

Broome, Richard (1987)
Coburg: between two creeks. Lothian Publishing Company, Melbourne.

Calderwood, George (1971)
Captain Moonlite: Bushranger. Rigby, Melbourne.
(re: August Wernicke, also Births, Deaths & Marriages Index for Victoria)

Carboni, Raffaello (1980)
The Eureka Stockade. Edition published by Lloyd O'Neil Pty Ltd, Windsor (Victoria).

Cloos, Karl A (2000)
To Build a Nation's Capital - a Migrant's Story. Self-publication, Canberra. (Karl is a 'Jennings German')

Cloos, Patricia & Jürgen Tampke (editors) (1993)
'Greetings from the Land where Milk and Honey flows' - the German Emigration to NSW 1838-1858. Southern Highlands Publishers, Canberra.

Corkhill, Alan (1992)
Queensland and Germany: ethnic, socio-cultural, political and trade relations 1838-1991. Academia, Melbourne.

Curran, James (1979)
'Early History of Harkaway'. In: Early Days of Berwick, compiled by N. Beaumont, J. Curran and R. Hughes. Impress Printing, Dandenong (Victoria).

Cusack, Frank (editor) (1998)
Bendigo - the German Chapter. The German Heritage Society, Bendigo (Victoria).

Darragh, Thomas (1997)
'Ludwig Becker, a Scientific Dilettante: His Correspondence with J.J. Kaup and Others'. In: Historical records of Australian Science, Volume 11 Number 4, December 1997, pp.501-522. CSIRO Publishing.

Darragh, Thomas & Robert Wuchatsch (1999)
From Hamburg to Hobson's Bay: German emigration to Port Phillip (Australia Felix) 1848-51. Wendish Heritage Society, Heidelberg (Victoria).

Fischer, Gerhard (1989)
Enemy aliens: internment and the homefront experience in Australia, 1914-1920. University of Queensland Press, St Lucia (Queensland).

Gassan, Kay (1994)
Where the eagle nested: a tribute to our German pioneers. Wise Owl Research Publishers, Maryborough (Queensland).

Giordano, Margaret (1987)
A Man and a Mountain. The Story of Gustav Weindorfer. Regal Publications, Launceston (Tasmania).

Grassby, Al & Marji Hill (2000)
German Australians. Macmillan Education Australia, South Yarra (Victoria).

Harmstorf, Ian (1994)
Insights into South Australian History, vol. 2, South Australia’s German History and Heritage. Historical Society of South Australia Inc.

Harmstorf, Ian & Michael Cigler (1985)
The Germans in Australia. AE Press, Melbourne.

Hawkins, John (1997)
'Charles Rasp and the model of the Broken Hill Mine'. In: Antipodes Antiques & Fine Art, Antipodes 1, pp.42-55. Antipodes Publications, Victoria.

Haynes, Roslynn (1998)
Seeking the Centre: The Australian Desert in Literature, Art and Film. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (UK).
(re: Leichhardt and his reputation, Becker, Beckler and others)

Hebart, Theodor (1938)
Die Vereinigte Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche in Australien. Ihr Werden, Wirken und Wesen. Eine Zentenarschrift 1838-1938. Lutheran Book Depot, North Adelaide.

Hebart, Theodor (1938)
The United Evangelical Lutheran Church in Australia (U.E.L.C.A.): its history, activities and characteristics, 1838-1938. Lutheran Book Depot, North Adelaide.
(This is an English version of the above, edited by Johannes J. Stolz. Facsimile edition - Lutheran Publishing House, 1985)

Herbig, David (1968)
Family History of Friedrich Herbig. Lutheran Publishing House, Adelaide.

Herbig, David (1979)
Once there was a very old Gum Tree.
(Revised edition of the well-told story of the Herbig settlers and the Herbig Tree - Available for $12.50 including postage from David Herbig, 'The Gums', Springton 5235, S.A.)

Ioannou, Noris (2000)
Barossa Journeys: into a valley of tradition. (Second edition) New Holland Publishers, Sydney.

Iwan, W. (edited by David Schubert) (1995)
Because of their Beliefs: Emigration from Prussia to Australia. H Schubert, Highgate (S.A.).

Jakobi, John (editor) (1988)
200 Jahre Geschichte der deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft in Australien. Special publication of 'Die Woche in Australien'. Europa Kurier, Bankstown (Sydney).

Jenner, Margaret (1988)
'German Immigration to Queensland: the beginnings'. In: German Research Directory. German Research Group, Genealogical Society of Queensland, Inc.

Jones, Ian (1992)
The Friendship that Destroyed Ned Kelly. Joe Byrne and Aaron Sherritt. Lothian, Port Melbourne.
(re: Anton Wick's enforced involvement in Sherritt's death)

Jupp, James (editor) (1988)
The Australian People. An Encyclopedia of the Nation, Its People and Their Origins. Angus & Robertson, North Ryde (NSW).

Jupp, James (1998)
Immigration. Oxford University Press, Melbourne.
(Numerous references to German-speaking immigrants)

Kearns, R.H.B (1982)
Broken Hill - A Pictorial History. Investigator Press, Hawthorndene (South Australia).
(re: Charles Rasp)

Kerr, Joan (editor) (1992)
The Dictionary of Australian Artists. Oxford University Press.

Kneipp, Pauline (1980)
'The Ursuline Order in Armidale: Beginnings'. In: Armidale & District Historical Society Journal, #23, March 1980.

Lê, Karin (1990)
The Invisible People. German Immigrants in Northern Tasmania after World War Two. Thesis written for the Tasmanian Institute of Technology, Launceston.

Leske, Everard (1996)
For Faith and Freedom: the Story of Lutherans and Lutheranism in Australia 1838-1996. Openbook Publishers, Adelaide.

Lodewyckx, Prof. Dr. A (1932)
Die Deutschen in Australien. Ausland und Heimat Verlagsaktiengesellschaft, Stuttgart.

Lodewyckx, Prof. Dr. A. (with L. Beer und A. Kersten) (1934)
Das Deutschtum in Victoria: Festschrift zum hundertjährigen Jubiläum des Staates Victoria, 1834-1934. Melbourne.

Lowenstein, Wendy & Morag Loh (1991)
The Immigrants. Penguin, Ringwood (Victoria).
(pp.57-70, about Robert, came from Germany in 1941 on the infamous voyage of the ship Dunera; pp.88-93, about Maria Margaretha, came from Austria in 1956)

McCulloch, Alan & Susan McCulloch (1994)
Encyclopedia of Australian Art. Allen & Unwin, St. Leonard's (NSW).

McKernan, Michael (1984)
'Manufacturing the war: "enemy subjects" in Australia'. Chapter 7 in The Australian People and the Great War. Collins, Sydney.

McMullen, Gabrielle (2001)
'A German contribution to colonial chemistry.' In: Chemistry in Australia. October 2001, pp.26-28. Royal Australian Chemical Institute.
(On the work of Johann August Kruse in Melbourne.)

Marschalck, Peter (1973)
Deutsche Überseewanderung im neunzehnten Jahrhundert. Klett, Stuttgart.

Mennicken, Mary (1989)
The Germans in Western Australia 1833-1918. W.A. College of Advanced Education, Doubleview (Western Australia).

Metcalf, Bill, and Betty Huf (2002)
Herrnhut. Australia's First Utopian Commune. Melbourne University Press, Carlton Sth (Victoria).

Meyer, Charles (1982)
'The Germans in Victoria (1849-1900)'. In: Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society, Vol.68, June 1982, pp.18-36, Sydney.

Meyer, Charles (1990)
A History of Germans in Australia 1839-1945. Monash University, Clayton (Victoria).

Mitchell, Ellen. (editor) (2000)
Baron von Mueller's German Melbourne. Plenty Valley Papers, Vol 3. La Trobe University, Bundoora (Victoria).
(A varied collection of articles on Germans' activities and achievements in Victoria in the second half of the 19th century. The book is available from the editor for $15.00; to enquire please send an email to her »» ellen.mitchell@optusnet.com.au)

Mönckmeier, Wilhelm (1912)
Die deutsche überseeische Auswanderung. Fischer Verlag, Jena.

Munchenberg, Reginald S et al (1992)
The Barossa, a Vision Realised. The Nineteenth Century Story. Barossa Valley Archives and Historical Trust Inc.
(Available from Barossa Valley Archives and Historical Trust Inc., Box 51, Tanunda S.A. 5352)

Nielsen, Sabine (editor/Herausgeber) & Rugel, Eva Maria (photographer/Fotograf) (2013)
Ein bisschen Heimat im Gepäck: Literarische Nahaufnahmen deutscher Auswanderer in Australien. Ihleo Verlag, Husum.
(English-language translation: Memories in my Luggage: Literary portraits of German migrants in Australia. 2014. Ihleo Verlag, Husum.)

Norst, Marlene (1988)
Austrians and Australia. Athena Press, Potts Point NSW.

Penrose, Helen (editor) (1994)
Brunswick. One History, Many Voices. The Law Printer, South Melbourne.

Penzig, Edgar (1985)
The Sandy Creek Bushranger. A Definitive History Of Ben Hall, His Gang And Associates. Historic Australia Publishing Company, Lane Cove (NSW).
(re: German Charley, and Frederick Vern's offer to NSW police)

Proeve, H.F.W (1996)
A Dwelling-Place at Bethany. Openbook Publishers, Adelaide.

Robb, Gwenda & Elaine Smith (1993)
Concise Dictionary of Australian Artists. Melbourne University Press, Carlton (Victoria).

Roderick, Colin (1988)
Leichhardt, the dauntless explorer. Angus & Robertson, North Ryde (NSW).

Rohrbach, Paul (1931)
Das Deutschtum über See. Wilhelm Schille & Co., Karlsruhe.

Sainisch, R. Maja (1984)
'Charles Rasp: a born gentleman'. In: Journal and Proceedings (Broken Hill Historical Society), Vol. 20, December 1984, pp.81–91.

Sainisch-Plimer, R.M. (1999)
'The Life and Times of Charles Rasp', in Minerals of Broken Hill, (W.D.Birch, Ed., Broken Hill City Council), pp. 12-33.

Schomann, Stefan (1993)
'Kaiserstuhl im Barossa Valley'. In: GEO Special Australien. Nr. 6, Dezember 1993, pp.76-80. Gruner + Jahr, Hamburg.

Schubert, David (1997)
Kavel's People. From Prussia to South Australia. Second edition. H. Schubert, Highgate (South Australia).

Simpson, Bruce (1997)
In Leichhardt's Footsteps. More stories from the packhorse drover. ABC Books, Sydney.

Stuetz, Alfons (compiler & editor) (1986)
History of the Jennings' Germans 1951-1986. Self-publication, Canberra.

Tampke, Jürgen and Colin Doxford (1990)
Australia, Willkommen. New South Wales University Press.

Tampke, Jürgen (2006)
The Germans in Australia . Cambridge University Press, Port Melbourne (Victoria).

Tipping, Marjorie (1979)
Ludwig Becker - Artist and Naturalist with the Burke & Wills Expedition. Melbourne University Press, Carlton (Victoria).

Tipping, Marjorie (1984)
An Australian Song. Ludwig Becker's Protest. Greenhouse Publications, Richmond (Victoria).

Usher, Rod (1986)
'Die Einwanderer'. In: GEO Special Australien. Nr.1, Februar 1986, pp.72-78. Gruner + Jahr, Hamburg.

Voigt, Johannes H (1987)
Australia-Germany. Two Hundred Years of Contacts, Relations and Connections. Inter Nationes, Bonn.

Voigt, Johannes H (1988)
Australien und Deutschland. 200 Jahre Begegnungen, Beziehungen und Verbindungen. Institut für Asienkunde, Hamburg.

Vondra, Josef (1981)
German-Speaking Settlers in Australia. Cavalier Press, Melbourne.

Wannan, Bill (1978)
Australian Bushranging. Rigby, Melbourne.
(re: Harry Power, German Bill, Anton Wicks)

Wehner, Volkhard (2010)
Heimat Melbourne : a history of the German-Speaking community of Melbourne – 1855-1865. V. Wehner: Hartwell, Vic.

Williams, John F (2003)
German Anzacs and the First World War. University of New South Wales Press, Sydney.
(re: German Australians in the Australian Army)

Wuchatsch, Robert (1985)
Westgarthtown. The German settlement at Thomastown. Self-publication.
(Chapter 7 has info about other German settlers and settlements in Victoria.)


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State Library of South Australia: Germans in South Australia factsheet [Click on the tab "Germans in South Australia"]
This LibGuide lists 'selected articles from published and unpublished sources, such as books, pamphlets, periodical articles, newspaper articles, parliamentary publications, theses, archival material, oral histories, pictorial images, films and other audiovisual held in the State Library'.
(Some of the material in this list may be accessible to people in other states via inter-library loan.)

Victorian Heritage Database - enter the name of a place or site and read information on that place's significance. E.g. the search-term Burger cottages >> returns http://vhd.heritage.vic.gov.au/vhd/heritagevic#detail_places;12960.

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