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Consuls of Hamburg, Prussia, the North German Confederation
and the German Empire in Sydney 1840-1897

1840-1842 William Hampden Dutton, Hamburg Consul.
(Son of the British Vice-Consul in Cuxhaven Frederick Dutton)
1844-1847 Pelham Dutton, Hamburg Consul
(Brother of William; died in Adelaide on 11.4.1847 at the age of 33)
28.9.1849-1860 Wilhelm Kirchner, Hamburg Consul.
From 1851 also Consul for Prussia. (Originally from Frankfurt am Main, since 1839 in the company Kirchner & Co. in Sydney.)
17.4.1861-1862 Georg Köhler, Hamburg Consul.
(Son of the Bavarian Consul in Rotterdam; moved to Melbourne in 1862.)
24.9.1862-1872 Siegfried Frank (also Franck), Hamburg Consul, also Consul for Prussia, from 29.6.1868 Consul of the North German Confederation, from 1871 Consul of the German Empire.
1872-1897 Carl Ludwig Sahl, Consul of the German Empire.
(To begin with, the Honorary Consulship in Sydney continued to exist alongside the General Consulate "for Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and the Fiji-Islands", which was established in Sydney in 1879. The Honorary Consulship's area of jurisdiction covered the colony of New South Wales; from 1873-1879 the Vice-Consulate in Newcastle was subordinate to it.)

Consuls of other independent German states
in Sydney 1855-1871

For Bremen
1855-1861 A. Dreutler, Consul
1863-1868 Burchard Frerichs, Consul
For Hannover
1855-1861 J. Dhanies (Dhanis), Consul
For Oldenburg
1855 Ewing Pye Colquhoun, Consul
1859-1868 C.J. Müller, Consul
For Saxony
1858-1868 C.J. Müller, Consul
For Mecklenburg-Schwerin
1859-1865(?) C.J. Müller, Consul
For Lübeck
1862 A. Dreutler, Consul
1863-1866 Ad. Solmitz, Consul
1866-1868 Julius Meyerfeld, Consul
For Bavaria
1869-1871 Rod. Kummerer, Consul

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