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About this Site:

This website has been created for two purposes:
i) as a resource for students and teachers;
ii) for anyone with a general interest in the contribution of German-speakers to Australia.

!! This site was not designed for genealogical research. People in Australia carrying out family history research could look at the Family Search wiki on Australia Genealogy as a starting point. Archived mailing lists for people who researched "Australian families with ancestral lines that originated in Germany" are available at RootsWeb. Some people exploring their family background consider DNA testing. DNA Testing Guides is an organisation that provides advice on this.

Most of the pages in this website are available in both German and English, apart from certain pages intended for specific tasks to be done by students of German. Thankyou very much to many individuals and organisations in Australia and in Europe for their kindness and generosity in supplying material and information. Please note that the inclusion of several items in this website was permitted by copyright-holders on the condition that the items are not used for commercial purposes.

Linking: if you wish to link to or to cite this website, please use the following URL: www.germanaustralia.com

Thanks particularly to: Dr Rudolf Agstner, Dr Christof Arnold, Aussie SchoolHouse, Marita Bardenhagen, Dr Ludwig Biewer, Horst Blaich, Werner Blaich, Peter Blöcker, Dr Rainer Buhtz, Professor Michael Clyne, Patricia & Karl Cloos, Dr Tom Darragh, Paul Eichorn, Bernd Franzen, Ruth Gosling, David Herbig, Ian Horn, Betty Huf, Ian Hutchings, Felicity Jensz, Marlies Johnson, Ian Jones, Lee Kersten, Regine Keys, Sandra Kipp, Dr Leo Kretzenbacher, University of Melbourne Archives, Ellen Mitchell, Pastor Heinrich Proeve, Clem Schmidt, David Schubert, Robyn Snell, State Library of Victoria Picture Collection, Dorothy Strauch (Bendigo German Heritage Society Inc.), Professor Jürgen Tampke, Robert Wuchatsch and the subjects of the audio interviews.

The German version of the site was translated from the English version by D. Nutting with advice from Dr Christof Arnold, Dr Rainer Buhtz, Dr Peter Rekowski and Inga Stanzel. Unless otherwise noted, translations from German are by D. Nutting.

The Internet is known for unsubstantiated information - within the limits of a certain amount of cross-checking and reliance on existing research, the info in this site is believed to be correct. Nevertheless, alles ohne Gewähr! (no guarantees given). Any corrections, supplementary information and general feedback would be gratefully received by Dave Nutting! Email to:
D Nutting

This site is not (yet) optimised for smartphones.

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